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Electric Dreams: What You Need To Know Before Installing An EV Charging Station

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Electric Dreams: What You Need To Know Before Installing An EV Charging Station

Whether you’re a forward-thinking organization, a commercial business, a fleet operator, or an environmentally-conscious individual, installing an EV charging station is a progressive step towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Before diving into the world of electric vehicle charging, there are essential factors to carefully assess to ensure a successful and efficient EV charging station setup.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through some of the biggest topics you should consider if you’ve decided to install EV charging stations at your location, driving your organization toward a more sustainable future.

Purpose and Location of Your EV Charging Stations

Before you begin planning your EV charging station setup, it’s important to define the purpose it will serve. Are you aiming to offer convenient charging options for your employees, customers, or the public? Will it serve as an additional revenue stream for your business, or is it primarily meant to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness within your organization? Understanding the primary function of your EV charging station will guide you in making the right decisions throughout the installation process.

Next, carefully select the ideal location for your charging station. Whether it’s at your workplace, a commercial space, a fleet depot, or even your home, choosing the right spot can significantly impact the charging station’s usage and overall success.

Consider accessibility, visibility, and the availability of electrical infrastructure. If you’re installing the charging station for commercial use, selecting a high-traffic area can attract more customers and users. For workplace charging, strategic placement near employee parking spaces ensures ease of use. Additionally, home installations require suitable positioning for convenience and practicality. Carefully assessing the ideal location ensures maximum utilization and user satisfaction.

Customization And Branding On Pedestals For Electric Vehicle Chargers

Depending on the purpose for your charging stations, you may consider customizing them with your business logo and branding elements to enhance brand visibility and recognition. Branded EV charger mounting posts, or pedestals, create a lasting impression on users and showcase your commitment to sustainability and innovation. By incorporating your brand’s visual identity into the charging station design, you reinforce your organization’s values of sustainability and innovation to customers, employees, and the public. 

Arcpoint Connect offers several customization options on pedestals for electric vehicle chargers to help enhance your brand visibility, including our Signage Package, which displays your logo and brand colours prominently. Some of our pedestals offer optional LED lighting, which can be further customized to match your branding. The best EV charging pedestals are the ones that enhance your brand and reputation!

What Charging Speed Is Needed?

When choosing an EV charging station, the charging speed is a critical factor to consider. Level 2 charging is the most common choice for commercial and residential installations, as it offers a balance between charging speed and infrastructure requirements. It’s suitable for most daily commuting needs and provides a full charge in a few hours. 

On the other hand, Level 3 charging, also called DC fast charging, is designed for rapid charging on the go. However, it requires more powerful electrical infrastructure and is commonly found along highways and major transit routes. Understanding the charging speeds and their implications will help you provide the best charging experience for your users. Arcpoint Connect has many industry partners who supply EV chargers, and we are happy to assist you in finding the right option for your needs.

How Many Charging Ports Will My Charging Pedestal Need?

Determining the number of charging ports for your EV charging station requires careful consideration of anticipated demand. For commercial and public setups, it’s essential to analyze the number of EV users expected to frequent your location and the average charging times they’ll need. Providing multiple charging ports can accommodate several EVs simultaneously, minimizing waiting times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Arcpoint Connect’s pedestals for electric vehicle chargers offer single- and multi-cable options, so you can make the most of the space available at your location, and efficiently serve multiple electric vehicles simultaneously.

Durable and Weatherproof Pedestals for Electric Vehicle Chargers

Using premium materials to build pedestals for electric vehicle chargers is an essential investment to ensure the longevity and reliability of the charging station. Superior-quality materials and meticulous engineering guarantee durability, even in the face of harsh weather conditions. 

A weatherproof design is crucial for outdoor charging stations. Arcpoint Connect’s charging pedestals are built to withstand extreme temperatures (including Canadian winters) and other environmental challenges, providing uninterrupted performance throughout the year. All of our charging pedestals are crafted with robust components, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of outdoor use and continue to function flawlessly in any climate.

How Much Does An EV Charging Station Cost?

While installing a charging station is a wise investment, it’s essential to consider the upfront cost to install EV charging stations, including your charging pedestal. Arcpoint Connect’s competitive pricing and cost-effective solutions ensure you get the best EV charging pedestal for your money. We also offer exclusive wholesale and distributor pricing to further alleviate the initial costs for those who wish to install multiple charging pedestals.

Beyond the initial investment, EV charging stations offer long-term financial benefits. For commercial businesses, providing EV charging can attract more customers and increase foot traffic, ultimately boosting revenue. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of government incentives and grants aimed at promoting EV infrastructure, which can further offset the cost to install EV charging stations, and make the decision more economically viable.

Installing EV charging stations can also lead to operational savings. For fleet operators, transitioning to electric vehicles and utilizing EV charging infrastructure can lead to significant fuel cost reductions over time, contributing to a greener and more cost-efficient fleet.

Installing an EV charging station at your organization brings numerous benefits that extend far beyond simply offering charging options for electric vehicles. By investing in EV charging infrastructure, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, drive innovation, and position yourself or your organization as a leader in environmental stewardship.

For more information about Arcpoint Connect charging pedestals and how we can tailor them to suit your EV charging station needs, contact our team. Together, we can make your electric dreams a reality!

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